Goals and Themes


The main purpose of the platform is the performance of people in complex work environments, their abilities to make decisions and their strengths, but also the prevention of human errors. One emphasis is placed on the conditions that allow good safety performances.
The relevance and similarities of “human factors” in various different work environments are the focus of activities (workshops, publications) and networking efforts that are targeted towards the public.
The platform serves as a panel for people who deal with thought processes and human performances under complex technical and social conditions.

Aims of the platform

  • Exchange and networking between human factors experts from various industries and branches
  • to provide opportunities for exchange and networking
  • the transmission of human factor knowledge into the practice fields
  • the advancement of concepts and theories
  • the promotion of mutual applied projects


  • Performing and decision making in critical situations
  • Leadership, teamwork and communication
  • Culture and safety performance
  • Automation and its limits
  • Requirements for human factors trainer
  • Utilisation of simulators for Safe working procedures
  • Safety aspects of the jobs
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